I plan audiovisual installations, exhibitions and spaces, building on more than 15 years of project experience within Germany and worldwide.

When it comes to creating new experiences, I especially value the interplay of design, architecture, technology and software. For me, the focus is on the design goals, which I place on a technically sound basis. For this, I draw on expertise from my job as an electronics technician and from my studies in audiovisual technologies.

My clients are design, engineering and architectural studios as well as museums or exhibition venues, with whom I preferably work together in interdisciplinary teams.

Among other things, my services include consulting and conceptual design, prototype development, plan and BOQ preparation, tendering, construction supervision and acceptance. In addition, I am working in product and software development.

My 10 years of independent work was preceded by 5 years in the same field at Medienprojekt P2, ART+COM Studios and TRIAD Berlin.