The KaDeWe Myth

KaDeWe, Berlin
2007 mit TRIAD Berlin

For the celebration of the centennial anniversary of Germany’s largest and legendary department store, TRIAD Berlin devised an exhibition titled “The KaDeWe Myth”. The exhibition depicted the Berlin department store’s history in an unusual scenography and iconography.

The best way to communicate the spellbinding fascination of the store was to tell the stories that are at the basis of the store’s legendary character, such as “100 years of celebrity” or “100 years of exoticism”.

Historical exhibits, images, film clips and sound samples brought the subjects to life. Underneath a sky of images, suspended from the ceiling as a huge mobile of picture frames, a time stream told facts and anecdotes about the KaDeWe.

Title The KaDeWe Myth
Client KaDeWe Berlin, via TRIAD Berlin
Location KaDeWe, Berlin
Images TRIAD Berlin
Assignment & Scope of Work
Support and Maintenance
installation on site and supervision
setting up audio/video players, LCD screens and profile spotlights
test setups
codecs, media players and LCDs