Loopoly - Graduate Thesis

touring exhibit
2009 / 2011 with TRIAD Berlin

Concept and Thesis

Loopoly is a puzzle and reaction game for up to four players and designed as an interactive table. It was developed as part of the concept Event Exhibits. Event Exhibits can easily be adapted to specific applications. Interchangeable layouts and casing designs provide space for brand messages and individual content.

A rear projection creates an image on the table surface. Each side of the rectangular table is equipped with three buttons which provide the physical interface. Players need fast reactions and the buttons provide excellent tactile feedback.

Players have to connect blocks of the same type in rows or columns with each other. All players have access to one block at a time in the center of the screen. This block can be sorted into a player's column by pressing the corresponding button. As soon as three or more blocks are connected, they dissolve and the score increases. When a player stacks too high and the blocks touch the center ring, the score is lost and the player has to start over.

MS Wissenschaft - The Floating Science Center

The Loopoly game was debuted at the Exhibiton: “MS Wissenschaft: The Floating Sience Center“. Launched by the Wissenschaft im Dialog (Science in Dialog) initiative, the floating Science Center “MS Wissenschaft“ (MS Science) was touring Germany in 2011. From May to September 2011, the interactive exhibition about health research could be experienced on a converted former inland cargo vessel. The MS Wissenschaft stopped in 35 cities; children, teenagers, and adults have been invited to visit the converted vessel.

The communications agency TRIAD Berlin developed and implemented the exhibition and contributed several hands-on exhibits, including the Loopoly exhibit. The game was renamed and rebranded as Virusattacke (Viral Attack). Players had to sort and combine different kinds of viruses to win the game.

Title Loopoly - Graduate/Diploma Thesis
Client Wissenschaft im Dialog, via TRIAD
Location touring across Germany on the MS Wissenschaft
Images TRIAD / S. Helling

further reading
MS Wissenschaft Project at TRIAD
Assignment & Scope of Work
Software Support for the MS-Wissenschaft in 2011
setting up the multitouch tables, projectors and LCD screens
an initial paperboard setup was followed by a detachable wooden/metal system which was used for the thesis presentation in Hamburg
written thesis
covering Game Theory, the general concept and documentation of the production
Software Development
Loopoly is written in C++ using a DirextX Game Engine
Idea and Concept
including Game idea, layout, software and hardware solutions